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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Eeyore and Piglet Tramatic Day for Jen

Today was a tramatic day for my daughter. She is a Pharmacist and today was her first day back to work after her maternity leave and leaving Lily with her grandparents. To mark the day, I thought I would make her a card. She loves Eeyore and on the Pooh and Friends, there is poor Eeyore looking sad. He was cut at 3.50 inches with a few tear drops. Piglet is holding on to Eeyore's tail almost as if holding on to Mommy's apron strings! Had to add some bling to the card and added a rhinestone to Eeyore's tail to attach when Piglet and Eeyore are back together again! Piglet was cut at 2.50 inches. I absolutely love A Child's Year cartridge with all the card styles. This card is scalloped on the one side and shows off the reversable paper cut at 6.50. For the wording, I used Make the Cut with the Storybook font to do the wording and then used the Shape Magic to put the shadow around the wording. I just love love love my Xyron for lettering and don't have the gluey mess!!! Wording is on a pretty turquoise shadow with white lettering. I shaded Eeyore and Piglet with colored pencils. Since the wording is "Don't worry" on the front with "we" and then the bee also cut from the Pooh and Friends which was cut 2 inches. I used the dots to attach Eeyore, and the lettering . Hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed making this card!

Hugs and love,


Friday, May 27, 2011

I Cannot Tell a Lie - Pinocchio Card

I cannot tell a lie but today I thought I would use Classic Disney cartridge and make Pinocchio as a card. I have the Expressions 2 which I love but have a few regrets. One of them being is I loved using my Cricut Cartridges with the Cricut Design Studio and weld 2 pieces together to make a card. The 2 are not compatible but after calling Provo Craft, they have assured me that they are almost finished with testing the Cricut Craft Room. Once completed with the testing, everyone will be able to go to the site, combine cartridges, design, weld and save and/or share their projects on line and brace yourselfs - they are assuring that there will be no cost! Guess, we will have to wait and see!!!! Enough of my soap box for now and let me tell you about my project. I cut Pinocchio checking out the length of his nose after telling his lies twice as a shadow and once as a regular cut from black at 5-3/4 inches. Also from the black, I cut one strip 1/2-inch by 1-inch and connected the 2 blackouts at the point of his finger pointing to his nose with one-half of the strip attached to the front and the other to the back of the blackout. This way the card is able to stand and swing open. I shaded the colors of his complexion, clothing and shoes with colored pencils. Pinocchio is then put on top of the front black-out with the dots to make him stand out! Just to add some additional dimension to him, I put silver pearls for the buttons on his shoes. I hope you enjoy! Love and hugs - Lynne

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Everyday Pop Up Cards - Sewing Machine

I just couldn't leave well enoough alone --- was sitting staring at my card and decided it needed just a bit of bling and then I added just a few buttons and this little bow that was found in my button stash!

My hope is to use my cartridges of which I have quite a collection. The first Cricut cartridge that I would like to show is the Everyday Pop-Up Cards and is my most recent purchase. With this in mind, I would like to first comment that this cartridge and I weren't on the best of terms the biggest part of the day and I wish that there had been better directions as to placement but alas through trial and error not to mention the cartridge and I coming to terms - I made this cute little sewing machine Birthday card. The paper I used is the DCWV The Crafty Room with the background paper appearing as practising the different stitches on the machine. The sewing machine was cut from my scrap collection. The Happy Birthday was cut from one of my most favorite cartridges, Hello Kitty Greetings! How the pop-up fits is basically trial and error to get it to the place where it not only opens but folds completely flat! My suggestion would be to fold your pop-up and set inside with just a dab of glue until it fits properly and then mark with a pencil to the position and then and only then glue! One of my worst personality traits is that I always try to add my own personal twist. My own personal twist on this card is a piece of actual fabric 4 x 4 inches with folded little pleats in the fabric and used my Glue Glider Pro to hold the fabric in place. I love my Xyron with lettering and having them as stickers make it so much easier to glue in place and also used that for the brown accent on the sewing machine on the front. Dots were used to attach the front sewing machine and the Happy Birthday on the inside. I hope you enjoy!

Hugs and love,


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ponder, Ponder - Think, Think, Think

As Winnie the Pooh would say, think, think, think. I had a great day watching Sasha who is 5. We blew bubbles, drew with chalk, colored, was teaching her to dribble a basketball, ride a bike, and we even made homemade donuts. We had a busy busy day but unfortunately, I did not get any crafting done! With all of the pondering and thinking, I have come up with an idea - with my vast collection of Cricut cartridges, I would chose a cartridge a day and make either a card, tag, box, purse or just let my imagination run wild and free but trying to add a little twist to my projects! I was once told that I march to the beat to a different drummer. My response would be that I don't march to the beat of a different drummer but instead follow the tuba player! As a teaser, my first project with this new course of action will be with my most recent cartridge that not only intriques but intimidates me. Let the games begin! Until, then love and hugs. Lynne

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jean's 2010 Birthday Card

Granted this card was made last year for Jean's birthday but a card that I loved and loved making. I had used my Cricut Design Studio and cut the oval but also had put an additional shape on and welded the front to the back to let the card open at the side. Then the creative fun came with adding beaded ribbon and design element that was cut from my Cricut with added pearls, brats, and ribbon. And of course, it was pink for Jean!

Chic Birthday Card

As my very first post, I would like to show a card I had made for my daughter, Jean's, birthday which we celebrated last weekend. The card base was cut from A Child's Year Cartridge at 5.50 inches. The little "chic" shop is actually the "candy shop" from My Community cut at 4.75 inches. The word "chic" was cut with black as the shadow and a glitter pink at 1.75 inches from Forever Young. I cut the mannequin also from Forever Young at 4.50 inches. Can you guess that Jean's favorite color is pink? The paper I used for the card background and my little shop is DCWV Black Currant. I love bright colors. The gadget that I just got and absolutely love is the XYRON! With poor flexibility of my hands, this works phenominal with the lettering and making the letters into stickers! I have also shown the inside of my card with a bit of poetry that I like to add to my cards and stickers on the opposite side for the festive occassion! I hope you like it!
Hugs and love,