What's It All About

About Me

I love to craft, sew and; quilt! The Cricut became a wonderful creative outlet as it is sew similar to quilting as to cutting bigger pieces of paper into smaller pieces of paper to create one cohesive project!!!  It was love at first cut! Quilting is a love of mine making quilts not only for pleasure, but also have a few ribbons to my credit. Sewing and; machine embroidery is another passion with of course sewing for my grandchildren which make my heart happy! I have sculpted and made porcelain dolls and just loving all types of creating!!

I am on disability with Myasthenia Gravis and fibro. I am learning not only to live with my disability but relearning doing my crafts. With a wonderful boyfriend at my side who is my biggest cheer leader and takes such wonderful care of me - who could ask for anything more???

My beautiful daughter, Jen,  is the mother of  my beautiful grandchildren, Lily and Adam. I also have 4 other grandchildren from my previous marriage whom I love their mothers (Jean and Barbara) as if they were my own daughters along with their children - Zack, Nick, and Luke (Jean's 3 sons), and Sasha (Barbara's daughter)


. . . .and I cannot forget my  guardian angel, Molly, my youngest daughter, who I lost in 1991 at the age of 25 months.

Follow me on this journey feeling free to comment along with giving me ideas, encouragement, and inspiration!