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Monday, October 24, 2011


I am sew fortunate to have great friends that give me awards and now, I get the same privilege to do the same!!!!

First award is from a new follower as I am of her blog! She has a wonderful blog and you absolutely need to go and check it out and become a follower - her name is Olga and her blog is ThreeButterflyKisses Crafting with Olga!


Butterfly Award
Hello everyone and welcome!!! YAY, I just received the Butterfly Award from Olga, Thank you Olga!!! Be sure to visit her fabulous blog, she's so creative!!!

To receive this award, I need to answer several questions, award this "Butterfly Award" to 10 other blogger's, contact the 10 other blogger's to let them know they have been given this award. Show a link to the person who gave me the "Butterfly Award".
And now for the questions and the little known facts about Lynne
Q1 - Name your favorite color?
Q2 - Name your favorite song?
Feels So Right by Alabama
Q3 - Name your favorite dessert?
Cheesecake or pumpkin pie
Q4 - What wizzes you off the most?
People that lie
Q5 - Your favorite pet?
Q6 - Black or White?
Q7 - Your biggest fear?
Dying alone
Q8 - Best feature?
My smile
Q9 - Everyday attitude?
Q10 - What is perfection?
In the Christina Faith it is God
Q11 - Guilty pleasure?
Q12 - When you are upset you?
I get quiet and withdraw - things that are said can't be taken back and I found its better to keep quiet
Now I pass the award along to 10 other blogger's. This is difficult for me to do since there are so many amazingly wonderful talented ladies out their, here it goes.

Blue Crayons
I hope all of you will visit these amazing ladies. I am sure you will all be inspired by them!!!!!
NOW, on to my next award! Some of my answers may be the same sew bear with me!!! This award was given to me by my dear friend, Susan

I was also tagged by Susan with this:

The criteria for this one is:

1. Post the button
2. Tell 10 things about yourself
3. Tag 5 bloggers

Here are my 10 things about me:

1. I have only been blogging since May of this year and crafting since January of last year. I'm a newbie!

2. I am the oldest of 4 children with a big difference of ages between us. My one brother is 5 years younger, my next brother is 10 years younger and my sister is 12 years younger!

3. I was a Girl Scout Leader and Trainer for 9 years.

4. I have a warped sense of humor. I have been known to break out in song lyrics or lyrics from movies and/or television if the mood strikes me or the conversation!

5. My favorite colors are red and teal just not together. Guess you could say mainly jewel tones.

6. I have been married 3 times. First marriage was a mess but I was blessed with my beautiful daughter, Jen who just became a mother of my beautiful granddaughter, Lily. My husband has 3 children. His son Jerry Jr has a son age 4 named Jerry III, and a daughter age 1 named Ashley. His oldest daughter Barbara who we affectionately call Cissy has a daughter by the name of Sasha who just turned 6 and loves to craft with Grammie Lynne. His younger daughter, Jean, has 2 adorable boys by the name of Zack who is 6 and will be 7 in April and Nick who just turned 5.

7. My first love was quilting but after shattering my left arm, that has become more difficult. I saw the Cricut on television and realized that the paper piecing is very similar to piecing quilting. Now with my paper piecing and quilting - I tend to do the wild thang and not the conventional!

8. I love Disney with my favorite movie, The Fox and the Hound with my favorite expression is "I'm A Hound dawg!" Okay, its not the same without the drawl . . . but you get my drift! My other favorite of Disney is of course Winnie the Pooh --- I have the tattoo to prove that on my upper right thigh . . . we'll just leave it at that for now!

9. I have always lived in Pittsburgh, PA. I had traveled in my much younger years with Youth for Christ retreats. And are you ready for this, I will be 60 next year and have never flown!!! Ok, I put that on my "bucket list"!!! LOL

10. I am very very blessed by the lovely crafty beautiful friends that I have met and made on line through blogging. Also, I can thank Kari who is the one who had inspired me to start a blog and was always inspired by Canadian Nickel and was thrilled to be a Guest Designer for her!

The 5 bloggers I am tagging are: 

Congrats all and can't wait to read more about you all :) Until next time.....

God Bless
Hugs and Love


  1. Thanks Lynne for the love and the award and knowledgement but you are one talented lady I know and a very wonderful and loving human being that I have the greatest pleasure to know! :) much love and hugs sister! :)

  2. congrats on the awards. i still havent been good enough to get any. lol

  3. Thanks so much, sweet Lynne... I'm soooooo behind on these, but I'll add it to my post in drafts until I can pick some people to pass it on to... Thank you, thank you :)

    Amy :) at www.lovetocrop.com

  4. Thank you so much for the Tag Your It/love, Lynne! Your a wonderful and very talented Crafter. Much love Olga! :)


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