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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Organizational Hint on Keeping Track of Design Team Project

At The Scrapbook Blessings Club, we are offering organizational tips for Scrap Booking and crafting supplies. This year I am on 12 Design Teams and after I thought what have I gotten myself into I thought I would organize my time and to get my projects completed in a timely fashion . . .

The first thing I did was organize a spread sheet with each of the Design Teams I'm on on the side with the top parts of the table open to put dates

The top cells are to put the dates projects are due with the projects then placed in the respectful boxes. If you notice, I also had put the time when the projects are to be live SEW, I know what I'm doing and when and qhwew to organize my time wisely!!! 

Viola!!! I have a timeline when my DT projects are due and what the image is along if there is a theme. This is then printed and under my mat that I can see at all times.

Now, if you notice that I had printed out the digital images and hand-printed what the image is, the due date along with which Design Team it is for . . . . these are all clipped together and ready- set- color and then create!!! 

DISCLAIMER: Due to the angel policy, I have watermarked these to protect the designer and the pictures are not that clear.

I hope this is something you would find useful idea to use as I do.

Much love, hugs, and friendship


  1. Wow, you certainly do need to stay organized - 12 DTs! Fortunately, I'm only on one DT! But I think this is a fabulous idea and I'm going to keep it in mind in case I ever decide to take on any more.

  2. SUPER GREAT IDEA! I think I might be making one of these for myself.


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