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Saturday, January 17, 2015

There's a Mouse in the House - Check it out Today!!!

Before, I begin with sharing my project - I want to share with you the winner of the Mr. Whisker's Tea Party Tea Towel - using Random Number Generator #6 is the lucky winner - Donna Mundinger. Please send me an email at hercraftiness@gmail.com with your mailing address and thank you for commenting!

It's Homemade Saturday's at Scrapbook Blessings Club, where the Design Team shares with you projects they are working on that does not include paper. With this being said, I'm sharing with you today an embroidered napkin. I don't know if I'm a rare breed but I love to "set" the table complete with cloth napkins. At first, most people are afraid to use them and ask for either a paper towel or a napkin. I just laugh and say they're machine washable!!!! Next, whenever I'm out and about, one thing I always look for are napkins on sale - here's one of those sales . . . how bout 4 cloth napkins for 99 cents!!!!!! Also, I want to point out that I love using napkins as an embroidery vessel as they are sew versatile - they can be used as a bread basket liner, to cover the bread, candle mats, wrap a homemade gift and believe it or not, even a napkin!!!!

I found out why they were sew cheap, but I'm not that concerned. Due to the florescent lighting in the store, the top napkin has some color issues but all is well as that will be the wrong side. 

The first thing I do is get the napkin prepared. By this I mean I press the napkin and find the center. Now, on this project, I'm doing something a little different because the center will be on an angle. 

I use 2 layers of tear-away stabilizer and hoop the stabilizer beneath the napkin. NOW, I have to admit this is the hardest part for me with my hands stretching and making sure the napkin is taunt. 

if you notice, there are arrows on opposite ends of the hoop which I match up with the center of the napkin

for our project today, I chose a Mickey and Minnie Mouse kissing in a heart-shaped frame:

I use Sulky embroidery thread as it has a sheen which gives a beautiful finish. NOW I did change the colors. Because the napkin is a dark charcoal, the black wouldn't show up thus I used a lighter grey for Mickey and Minnie and a pink for the heart-shaped frame. 

I get my colors ready and in stitch order that once the machine starts, I don't have to search for threads

There are 4,024 stitches to this design and I keep this on my computer screen also as not to confuse the colors

the magic begins as I press the start key (the red button turn yellow) and sit back and watch - I'm only needed to change thread colors

Once the stitching is complete, you need to tear the excess stabilizer away along with trimming threads. This is the back of the napkin.

the front which needs the front threads trimmed and most definitely pressed - NOW, trust me, this is the only time I am most insistent on pressing because they are used and I don't press them 

a final pressing and viola a finished napkin:

I can hear you saying - "But, Lynne, why did you put the image sew high???" WELL, I thought how adorable would this look if I used it as part of a table setting -

I know you've been wanting to do this . . . Ok, ready sing: Mic-Key MOUSE - Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse!!!!!!! 

Thanks for stopping by and hope you leave a comment as I love to read what you think!!!! AND as an added bonus, I will be selecting one lucky winner to receive this napkin set!!!!!

Much love, hugs, and friendship

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  1. EEEK! so excited to have won your adorable tea towel! Have emailed you already. Thanks so very much! Love these Disney napkins, as well. Your embroidery ROCKS! xxD


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