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Monday, May 9, 2016

This Granny Stitches on Toilet Paper!!!

I believe I'm carded out for today and thought I would switch gears - stitching that is and thought I would share with you one of my craziest new projects which I have become obsessed with: embroidering on toilet paper with a coordinating towel - the purrfect gift for the people on your list you have no idea what to give them!!!!!! 

When I get bored, I think outside the liter box and with this project today, I truly have thought outside of the liter box!!!!!

 . . . you know my love of cats but a dear friend of mine has a friend that has a Doxie and I knew that Rosie would think that I had totally gone made but I made this to give to her friend, Barb . . . 

  • one roll of toilet paper - well, I'm cheap and purchase mine 4 rolls for a dollar at the Dollar Tree
  • unwind toilet paper and count out 6 sheets and fold in half - put a scrap piece of stabilizer between the fold
  • now comes the fun part - I lay my toilet paper in a tiny box and unwind that the roll of toilet paper is on my left side with the folded piece towards the machine 
  • set this on tear-away stabilizer that has been hooped and setting in your machine
  • you know have the option of either finding the center, placing your needle in the toilet paper, and holding in place and hitting start with your machine OR basting in place after finding the center of your toilet paper
  • image used in Embroidery Library Dachshund in Crown size 4x4 - anything larger is too big for the toilet paper
  • trim excess stabilizer away very very carefully!!!
  • I then place it in a cellephane treat bag found at the Dollar Tree (hey, 25 bags for a dollar!!!), wrap tight with a twistie that comes with the treat bags and add a bow using Darice Brown Satin Ribbon!
  • towel is stitched using water soluble both on top and bottom and the 5x7 image of the Dachshund in Crown and I usually press to give that finished look!
HINTS that I have found helpful!!!
  • do not use any design with more than 9,000 stitches as it eats into the machine
  • only use a 4x4 design as anything else is just too large
  • make sure the roll of toilet paper is on your left-hand side before stitching
  • placing stabilizer between the folds avoids your machine becoming hungry and eating the toilet paper
  • placing water soluble stabilizer both on top and bottom of the towel avoids the needle pulling the loops on your towel while stitching

Thank you for stopping and visiting today and hope you come back again!!!

I appreciate and love reading your comments . . is your comment the next one I read??? If you have any questions or need to contact me, I can be reached at hercraftiness@gmail.com

Much love, hugs, and friendship

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  1. Fabulous make Lynne thank you for joining us over on
    Inspiration Destination
    Dianne xx

  2. This is adorable! I love how you did this and that brown bow is perfect! Thanks for joining us at Craft-Dee BowZ for our May challenge! Hugs, Gail

  3. I love this idea and it does make a great gift for the one who has everything already. Thanks for explaining how to do it. I have toilet paper coming out of my butt and ears so I might have to try this on one of the rolls.


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