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Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Stockings Were Hung

No paper crafting to showcase today, but I do have the story of magical fabric crafting!!

When I was growing up the Christmas stocking held magic. Times may have been lean, but there was always wonders in our Christmas stocking - a stick of peppermint, a can of our favorite soup, a packet of hot chocolate, marshmallows to go with our hot chocolate, pencils, crayons --- sew many wonders could fit in that stocking that was hung by the chimney with care -- at the top, there would always be some sort of soft toy whether it be a stuffed animal, a dolly, or . . . just let your imagination run wild what can fit in that stocking. . . but the best part would always be the orange -- a wondrous orange that you would peel and eat while opening your presents or just watching everyone else open theirs!!!!

When Jenny was little, the stocking held magic for her!!! She loved her Christmas stocking the best no matter what wonders Santa would bring to her!!!! Growing up the stocking would hold various items when little from pencils, crayons, erasers, a new book, coloring book, and then as she got older to make-up, make-up remover to bras and panties!!!! Amazing how Mrs. Claus would help Santa pick the purrfect color, size and wonder in the stocking!!! Of course the magical orange would always be hidden somewhere in that stocking. And Jenny would always hurry and search for the orange to have it peeled for her to eat while opening her presents! I would always make the stockings for her and as times would change and she would get older, stocking styles would change. Needless to say, I have one fantastic collection of stockings in my Christmas collection!!!

When Jenny and Dan had their first Christmas together, her request for her present was to make her and Dan matching stockings with their names embroidered on top. I have the magic of one of those computerized embroidery machines that helps me perform this!!! Sew, of course, I made Jenny and Dan their stockings for their first Christmas and hid inside the magic of the orange along with an ornament with their names on for each of them!!!

Now, with little one, my precious grand-daughter, Lily, Jenny again requested new stockings as only her mom can do - she wanted matching stockings for her, Dan, and Lily with one extra one started if and when they have a second child with of course their names embroidered on top. But this time, she didn't want her and Dan's names - no, she wanted "mom" and "dad" for their loving new roles.

With my much worn pattern in hand, new stockings were created to hold the magic and wonder of a stocking for Lily. My stockings though the fabric may change, always, consist of a layer of batting, lining and of course the embroidered cuff!! 

Well, I don't have a fireplace and my magnet aren't hung on the door yet to hang my stocking -- I did the next best thing to showcase their stockings to share with you - I put on pin on my couch!!

Now, Dan's sister just had a little one and committed the ultimate mistake according to Jenny - she purchased a stocking for her little one!!!! Jenny told her, of course, that her mother makes beautiful stockings and I was asked to make one for Dan's sister and husband to match their little one's stocking and of course have the words "mom" and "dad" embroidered on top with the cuff! 

As I said, the fabrics change, but the sentiment and the magic with the wonder is always there.

We took the stockings over for Jenny the other night that she might hang and continue the tradition with Lily. 


Now, being only 9 months old now, Lily knew just what to do -- her chubby little hand reached into her stocking and to her amazement pulled out a little dolly just her size for Lily's first Christmas!!!

Jenny assured me that she bought the oranges that go inside but for little Lily, it will be a banana as she absolutely adores bananas as her and Grandma shared a banana the other night!!!!!

May the magic of Christmas be in your homes this Christmas whether it be in the magical stocking, the orange, or the treasures - always hold the magic of Christmas in her heart!!!

God Bless
Hugs, Love, and Pixie Dust!
(aka Grandma Lynne)


  1. Thats not tears u see, a bug flew in my eyes! What a lovely story Lynne and a great tradition !

  2. Lynne, She is such a cutie! I love the stockings you made for Lily and her parents. They are so pretty! I love the print. Thanks For sharing. Edwina Brown


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