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Friday, December 23, 2011

The Tradition of Mrs. Claus

I don't know how this tradition started but I can tell you before I had my girls, I had a friend who asked me to make jammies for her two daughters. You see, Mrs. Claus between the baking makes Christmas jammies for special children. Mrs. Claus makes sure the jammies are delivered before you go to bed and this is the only present you are able to open Christmas Eve. Now, these aren't just any jammies, they are special magical jammies that Mrs. Claus weaves loves, and wonderful dreams into the fabric!

Now, I have a precious granddaughter, the tradition continues. Jenny was thrilled to know that Lily, too will have her special jammies from Mrs. Claus. The other tradition is not only do you get the Christmas jammies from Mrs. Claus, but you also get a nightcap!!!! I have a precious model to show you the hat . . .

We met Jen and Lily at Eat'n Park for breakfast today and as you can see, Lily loved her hat and in fact, didn't want to take it off!!!!

Now onto business --- the jammies for my grannddaughter that Mrs. Claus made just for her with the cute little snowman with snowflake buttons!!!

I can't wait to see Lily Christmas morning. The tradition of Mrs. Claus continues.

May you have sweet dreams of sugar plums, unicorns, and all things beautiful!!! 

God Bless you on the day before Christmas with the magic of it all!!!
Hugs, Love, and Pixie Dust


  1. Hehe...love it! so darling and what a great tradition! :) I wish I had special jammies like that on Christmas Eve! make me excited for Christmas! :) hugs TFS

  2. You have such fabulous traditions! Your family is soooooooo very lucky! Thx for sharing .


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