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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Special Guest Designer Not Only for Me but Susan . . . come check this out!

If you 're  here for Scooby Doo Where Are You Blog Hop, please click here even though I would love for you to check out the pretty flowers and card Sasha made.

Today, Grammy Lynne is Guest Designer for her dear friend Susan Bermudez, of http://susanascorner.blogspot.com/,  but she is kinda busy and she overdid it today with shopping and laundry – geesh, you would think she would learn!!!

When Grammie and Paps pick me up after school, Grammie gets a snack for Paps and me and then we CRAFT!!!!! I’m very good at using the Cricut and love to make cards!!!

This is a Hello Kitty card we made for my Aunt Jean. This is from Grammy’s Hello Kitty Greetings Cricut cartridge. 

Grammy says we use scraps first for the little pieces but we used Recollections Black for the card. I like glitter and gems and we put a gemstone in the center of the flower. I still have to decorate my card and write “I love you Aunt Jean” but we will do that later!!! Grammy says there are several rules we need to obey when using her Cricut:
1.     We don’t eat using the Cricut
2.    We don’t touch the Cricut when it is cutting
3.    And most important – the Cricut is not a toy!!!

The other project we did was using ek tools that makes dimensional flowers. Mommy bought this for Grammy and I to make pretty flowers. 

We had a lot of fun with this but you have to be very careful and it is hard to get it to cut – but look how pretty the flowers are. I got to ink them as that is my favorite job but Grammy keeps the hand sanitizer handy cause I get as much ink on me as I do on the paper! Grammy then got out her beads and she glued them in the center as I'm not allowed to play with the hot glue gun - Grammy burns her fingers though and she doesn't want me to burn mine!

Hope you enjoyed our projects and thank you Miss Susan for letting me take Grammy’s place….

Hugs and Love
age 6

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  1. LOVE your card and your flowers turned out just beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your creations with us:)



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