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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cute, Quick Adorable Valentines for Grandkids!

Valentine’s Day was always special back when we were in elementary school – we made our Valentine Box and then at home would sign our name to the Valentines we would be handing out to our friends and even not so friends. Let's not forget the cornball sayings -- well, this paper piecing file sew reminds me of those days!!!

SVG Cuts has this quick and easy and wonderful paper piecing file – 24 Valentines with envelopes included!!!!!! Wowsers who could possible beat this thought process. These make up super quick and cute!!!!

Haven’t had a chance to post and I apologize for that but I can’t let the month go by without posting:

First is Miss Sasha a little purse with this great Valentine paper I got at Target - 7 pieces for a dollar!!!! Bargain shopping! The purse almost looks like velvet but it was flocked paper I got at Michael's at Christmas for a $1 a sheet but oh sew worth it! Oh, did I mention the cornball sayings??

Oh, did I mention the cornball sayings?? This just struck my funny bone and hope you find it amusing!

This is for Lily, its her first Valentine's Day! Grammy had to make her a head band but Lily thought it was edible. She Loved the card and took it out of the envelope herself!

How cute is that ladybug and envelope??

Lily opened her Valentine very carefully and looks quite intent ---

I'm learning to read too ....

See, Grandma??

Check out Zack's boxer and another adorable envelope??

Nicky's cupcake card

I'm loving these envelopes!!

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  1. Oh these cards are all just adorable. Look at the cute cute cute little girl and her first Valentine.




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