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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Design Team Project for Purplefuntastick Creations

Today our project for Purplefuntastick Creations Design Team is to create a 3-D flower project along with including the recipe for making this … to make life a little more interesting, this is only Part 1 and the entire DesignTeam both the Senior and the Junior Team are working as one!!!

Cricut Pagoda Cartridge cut at 1.75 inches
K & Co. Flower Garden paper

Four (4) flowers were cut at 1.75 inches.
One flower is kept whole with five (5) petals and the other 3 flowers have 1 piece cut off each of the flowers.
There has been (1) extra flower cut for the one additional piece cut.
Curl the petals with your fingers to give some shape and curl. The more the pieces are curled and handled, as long as they are handled GENTLY, they will take shape!
The two (2) pieces that have four (4) petals are then hit with the hot glue to hold the ends together with a slight seam.
The three (3) single petals that are left are folded in half with the point at the bottom.
Grasp one part of the petal and glue to another part to half of the petal first and hold together.
Fold this center section in half and glue to the final single petal.
At the bottom of this center section, where the point is located cut off the point where it gives a triangular piece.
Put a dab of hot glue in the center of the bottom petal which is the five (5) piece petals and attach one of the four (4) piece petals to the center.
Place another dab of hot glue in the center of the two pieces that have been glued together and add the other four (4) piece petal to the center.
The triangular piece then gets glued to the very center of the three (3) pieces that have been glued together. Hold this last section together to make sure all is held together.

A video can be found at where she used the flower that has a pointy piece in the center where I used the flower with the heart shaped petals: 

My flower reminds me of a pansy which is my very favorite flower and may ink in advance prior to gluing to add additional dimension. I hope you enjoy my "pansy" and hope it has given you inspiration to try also.

this version was inked very gently as to not destroy:

Please take a moment to check out the other 3-dimensional flowers along with the intructions given to make them. Don’t forget to come on back and visit on Thursday to see what project these flowers will be incorporated into!!!

Senior Design Team:

Junior Design Team:

 God Bless you and thank you
Hugs, Love, and Friendship


  1. beautiful... makes me want that cart...

  2. Nicely done. Your rounded petals remind me of a pansy as well. Hugs.

  3. I love it , Lynne. It's adorable.

  4. Lynne,
    I love your flower, I agree it does look like a pansy, I am so blessed to be with such a great DT Team.

  5. Beautiful Job, Lynne or should I say Mrs. H? hehehe!!

    Many Wonderful Blessings,

  6. This is such a beautiful dainty flower. I would agree, yes, it does look like a pansy.



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