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Sunday, September 11, 2011

911 10th Anniversary of September 11th

Welcome to a blog hop devoted to the remembrance of the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11th.

If you just happened up my blog, then you need to go to the beginning of the hop and visit Tami

The terrorist attack against our nation, which happened a decade ago, is a long time for some.  However for many, the day feels all too close. The deeply seared memories of the human sufferings and acts of heroism, which took place on that day, changed our nation.

The nation was in shock when terrorists decided to hijack our airplanes and turn them into weapons.  It was beyond anyone’s belief that something so horrific could happen on our own soil.  It would be one thing if it were just the destruction of the Twin Towers or damage to the Pentagon and a field in Shanksville, PA, but almost 3,000 people perished, from the attack, leaving a scar on the soul of America.

Americans came together as one, in the emotional aftermath of 9-11. We were united by grief, had compassion for those who died along with their families, and showed loyalty to our country.

Please join the country in a moment of silence on Sunday morning, at 8:46 (Eastern Time). This should be a time to reflect on what we all lost, as well as on the courage and common purpose that lived and still resides, deep within the American people.

10 of us blogging friends would like you to join in this day of remembrance, by stopping by each blog to see a project made for the tenth anniversary of 9-11.

If you get lost along the way, here is the lineup:

Tami http://tamboscreations.blogspot.com/   
Lynne - http://slasewcraftiness.blogspot.com/  
Susan - http://susanascorner.blogspot.com/
Jearise - http://lorbysworld.blogspot.com/

There are certain things that hold an impact on our lives that we remember exactly where we were that particular day, or that particular person. Your first kiss, President JFK shot, the birth of your child, and "Where we you when the world stopped turning". I know exactly where I was and what I was feeling with each of those things as I am sure you remember. My first kiss was John Mark Marlburg at my parents' back door of their home listening to Tommy James and the Shondells "I Think We're Alone Now", 6th grade at Elroy School and my teacher was called from the room and came back in with uncontrollable tears and couldn't speak, St. Clair Hospital with Dr. Williams in his leather jacket and pants and Jen's father drinking alcohol and completely drunk and wanted to know who this guy was in his leather jacket and pants; and at work where I was a graphic artist at the time for a local advertising agency wanting to get home and just hug my daughter who was at Duquesne University and my "current" beau, Bob - just to have us all home and hold each other. Its amazing what an impact how things have on our lives and how we can remember each detail!

A lot of artists wrote, recorded and sang songs which had an impact on our lives. It was the music awards and Alan Jackson came on the stage, sat on a stool and sang this song with no accompaniment. What an impact this held! This song was and still a very emotional song after that fateful day and expresses what I wanted to express for today.

I made a display piece that has an ivory ribbon when hung twirls around to see both sides being able to see all the wording. The Everday Paper Dolls were cut at 2.25 inches and are dressed as "everyday" people as the whole world was affected. I have a fireman and policeman that were courageous going into the burning towers not thinking of their own lives but going to save others. The other "people" I have are doctor, nurse (for helping to save the injured that were rescued), waitress who could have been at the corner diner, chef who could have been in Tower 1 at the very top preparing a breakfast, farmer who sat by his television or radio glued listening, a career woman who might have been at work in the twin towers, construction worker, and an engineer. The project  has the words for "Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning" and my little people holding each other's hands giving courage, and strength to each other.

I pray for the first responders and their families, all who lost their lives needlessly and the impact this had on the United States that we may find peace for this senseless slaughter

Your next stop on the hop is Vicki.

I have some blog candy for you - a rubber stamp that says "USA" with an eagle, 5 yards of white ribbon and red stars, and selection of star buttons and embellishments by just leaving a comment and telling me where you were.

God Bless you, all your families and the United States
Hugs and Love,



  1. I feel like such an amateur when I see the work you gals do..such thoughtfulness and symbolism in your post...wow..

  2. Wow very Beautiful its a sad day. you have done a great job giving your tribute. thanks for sharing.

  3. Amazing tribute - I'm speechless and in awe of the talent here. As today is also my 35 wedding anniversary, it is a mix batch of emotions. We should all cherish this moment...you can never be certain of the next...

    Patti Ross

  4. Good Morning Dear,
    Your layout is awesome and I would love to see it twirling around with this beautiful song playing. I was at school teaching the day this happened. My story is part of my blog today.

  5. Lynne, thank you so much for being part of this hop. Your project is incredible! I love your representation of all the people for the day that you made. This must be gorgeous with the effect of seeing it in person. You did a fabulous job. tfs Tami
    Tambo's Creations

  6. I knew this was going to be an emotional blog hop - BUT OMG... what a beautiful "project" you have here - i'm sorry.. this says it all.. hard for words! THANK YOU! Doris
    parkernana5 at cox dot net

  7. I love your project! So much thought and emotion went into your creation.

    I was at work on that terrible day. God bless our country and all the lives affected by that tragic day.


  8. I love this project, great job! I was at home, getting ready for work when the towers were hit and fell. I sat there watching them in disbelief... This has been fun hopping with you! lyndajinco at gmail.com.

  9. This is a beautiful tribute. Thannk you

  10. Thank you for sharing your wonderful tribute piece. This is going to be a great but tearful hop... I can't stop thinking and remembering my feelings on that day, not that I ever have, mind you, but this and all the news on the tv is just bringing it all back to the surface. Thanks again for sharing!

    staci412 {@} optonline {.} net

  11. Thank you for sharing your wonderful tribute piece. This is going to be a great but tearful hop... I can't stop thinking and remembering my feelings on that day, not that I ever have, mind you, but this and all the news on the tv is just bringing it all back to the surface. Thanks again for sharing!

    staci412 {@} optonline {.} net

  12. Lynne, you did a great job! Your piece is a wonderful memorial to the true resilience that that US has in the face of adversity. I love how we stand together during these times. I just pray that we learn to continue to stand when things seem to go well.

    Well, I was 7 months pregnant in Houston, TX preparing my son for Gymboree class. I was in shock and in awe because I didn't know where any of my family was in DC or New York.

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful inspiration and the chance to win.

    askscrappinsista (at) hotmail (dot) com

  13. what an amazing job you did in the commemoration of this day in history..I have decided I will not be sad or cry this day..juts honor and be honored to say this is my home and love and pray for those that protect it


  14. Wow, how nice is this. I am only 15 minutes from flight 93 and it just hits home so much today. Great job on this challenge

  15. Lynn,

    What a nice job you did with such a difficult subject. I am honored to be a part of this Blog Hop today. It is only by the grace of God that I held it together in front of my first grade class that fateful day. Thank you for sharing your remembrance piece.


  16. Lynne~Fabulous display piece!!!

    When the world stopped turning
    I was at work in a hospital on the day of the attacks. I was doing portable x-rays in patient rooms and saw the horrifc events on the waiting room T.V. when I came down.


  17. Very nice; love how you paid tribute to this anniversary.--Pat N.

  18. Amazing tribute to a very tragic day.
    Katsews at gmail dotcom

  19. Great job Lynne. I was at home taking care of my parents. None of us could believe what we were seeing on the TV.

  20. What a beautiful project about sucha sad day. TFS

    jennykingham at att dot net

  21. Great project! I am a follower,joydee1963 at yahoo dot com

  22. That song IS beautiful! I was in class that day. I had just dropped my daughter off at my mothers house. My husband is an Auburn Hills firefighter and I got a phone call from him telling me what had happened. Then as I was walking into my class my professor was turning on the news....I was so scared. Thank you and the other ladies for doing a hop and preserving keepsakes for generations. I never realized how we all scrap the good stuff and yet something so historic in our lifetime should be preserved for our children as well.

  23. What a beautiful hanging that is. It has such a powerful meaning. The great thing about America is that we didn't let that tragedy break us. We all banded together and got stronger. Thanks you much for sharing your beautiful and inspiring project.

    http://racincrafts.blogspot.com/ or racincrafts@aim.com

  24. Your project turned out beautifully. Thank you for taking part in and sharing with us, this tribute.
    mexicopetshop at hotmail dot com

  25. Very well put together piece of how to remember. I do love that song. TFS

    God Bless you and all in the world who have lost loved ones through Acts of Terror, Acts of War or any Act of Hate and Malice.


  26. Great idea.

  27. This came out amazing! The little people were wonderful and this video was very moving. Thanks for sharing this wonderful project.

    Happy Scrappin'

    Sue B

  28. Wonderful tribute very cleverly done The words to that song are amazing and heart wrenching!
    Huge Blog Huigs! *Janet*

  29. You did a great job. It looks awesome.


  30. What a nice tribute to this day.


  31. Beautiful project. Just lovely. And I love this song. I was asleep on my couch with the TV on and on the today show you could tell something was going on...I woke up and (this has bothered me so much and I know it is not that bad but it really bothers me) I said what the he** is going on. Then the shock started. And it has not completely worn off.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    http: // mamawann. blogspot. com/
    annadowdy at gmail dot com

  32. This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I love this song. I appericate you using it. No matter who or what we are, we are Americans. Edwina Brown edwinabrown@comcast.net

  33. I forgot to tell you were I was. I was at the doctor's office. I'll never forget that Day. Edwina Brown edwinabrown@comcast.net

  34. Beautiful work. I was at home watching Good Morning America with the sound off. I telecommute, and was working.
    BobbisTreasure at aol.com

  35. Wow such a fabulous project!! ....
    What a beautiful tribute to 9-11 and all of the fallen, & hero's , I was home that morning with my newborn watching the news! I really thought it was a movie for a bit until I switched the channel to fine that same movie on again. I just sat in Aww most of the day crying for all of those lost and for there loved ones. What a super idea for a blog hop .
    Deborah { scrappingmamma } http://www.scrappingmamma.net

  36. What a great memorial you created! I have a home daycare so I was at home when 9/11 happened watching the events unfold. We have a lot of military families and I was worried about my neighbor who is a pilot. His wife did not hear from him until evening (he was busy but fine). The president flew into Offutt AFB which is near my house.

    My husband was in LA on business due to fly home that evening. He made it safely 3 days later ~ we were lucky!

  37. I LOVE your project. I too mentioned this wonderful song in my post. It is the best one that represents what happened. I listened to it all day yesterday when I was preparing my post. I love the paper dolls they are absolutely PERFECT. It ties in so well with this song, and the tragedy faced by all that day.
    I was at home sleeping when my mom called to let me know what happened. I thought it was odd that I had to go to work that day, when there was such uncertainity about what was happening to our country.
    top29gun at gmail dot com

  38. This is a stunning project with the words to the song and the paper dolls representing people of different walks of live around the world. This is very moving.Would love to invite you to enter your project in the 9-11 challenge at Sweet Sassy Diva http://sweetsassydiva-gspot.blogspot.com/2011/09/lets-roll.html Your project is a wonderful tribute. Hope you will join the first challenge on SSD.


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