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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Thank you

I want to thank each and everyone that held down the "fort" 
while I was in the hospital. 
It meant a lot that everyone cared to look after my bloggie!

I'm doing well. I had surgery on my back
 with a fusion with L4 and L5 with rods and screws added for color! 
I was teasing the grandkids that they could 
attach magnets to grammy's back now with all the metal that is there!

I am wearing a corset but not the pretty kind
 that I wore in my younger days. 
Surgeon was quite pleased and I am feeling better. There was a slight complication 
which did take me back in the hospital. 
Apparently no one told me with this type of surgery 
you could possibly have residual pain with the nerves 
that had been exposed during surgery 
which gave me burning that walking 
became a difficult thing to do! Should have realized if there 
is even a slight possibility for something strange 
to happen my mother said it would happen to me!
 But all has been discovered and back on the mend.

A big round of applause along with WOO HOO's as I have the bestest Design Team around
 and thanks to everyone that Guest Designed and to my followers. 
Thank you and bless you!
Hugs and Love


  1. I'm so happy you are doing better!!! :):)

  2. Good luck and a speedy complete recovery! Edwina Brown


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