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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Guest Designer Thursday - Michelle Ferrish

I am truly blessed with wonderful Guest Designers. Michelle was showing us her new projects on Her Craftiness and I told her we just had to have her show and demonstrate her new talent!!! They all agree this will be a great recovery project for me --- guess I'm going shopping tomorrow and starting to cut paper!!!


1. Buy a quilling tool. It has a slot in the end to put the paper thru. I don’t think they are expensive. Mine came in the Cuttlebug quilling package.
2. Cut strips from your scraps. I started with 1/4" x12" strips of both patterned and plain papers and cardstock. The 12" strip makes a big leaf or petal. This is what my cards are made from. Different weights of paper or cardstock make different sizes of circles.
3. Hold the quilling tool comfortably in your hand. Slide the paper thru the slot . Do not leave more than 1/16" out of the tool.
4. Start twirling , holding and guiding the paper with the other hand. Keep the strip taut until it is all wound.
5. Slide the circle off the tool and I let the circle relax a bit. I glued the loose end to the coil with a drop of liquid glue.
6.There are numerous sites on Google and UTUBE to show you how to pinch the circle into a vatiety of shapes.
To shape a simple teardrop, hold the circle in one hand and pinch a point with the thumb and forefinger of the other hand !
7 . If you want smaller petals or circles, just shorten your strip or don’t let the circle relax as much
I hope this encourages everyone to give this a try. It really is fun and I think it could easily become an addiction ! LOL
Any questions? I will try to answer with my very meager knowledge. Have fun !!!

Thank you ever sew much Michelle --  I will be sure to demonstrate how well I follow your directions....

God Bless
Hugs and Love,


  1. OK, I so want to do this!!!!!! Thanks Michelle for sharing this with us.

    Happy Scrappin'

    Sue B

  2. Thx Sue B ! I am sure if you watch the tutorials you will have a good handle on quilling ! It really is fun to do .

  3. These cards are so pretty.

    Quilling is something I have yet to get my hands on ;)

  4. Tracy,
    Get hold of a quilling pen and give it a go! Great way to use up scraps ! There are all kinds of patterns to look at !Were u able to check my links?



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