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Friday, March 16, 2012

Walt Disney Animated Movie Blog Hop: Feature Attraction: Beauty and the Beast

Welcome to Walt Disney's Animated Movies Blog Hop!!! What makes this hop phenomenal as in no other hop is that every Friday, we will be paying tribute to different movies SOOOO, you will need to mark you calendars for every Friday for these special blog hops:

Now, I know today isn't Friday but there were more important things happening as Lisa became Grandma for her very first grandchild on Thursday -- Maxwell made his grand appearance and he's a little doll from the pictures I've seen not only of him but the proud new grandma -- again, congrats my friend!

Gee, you can't tell how proud she is, now can you!!!!!

Coming Attractions:
March 16: Beauty and the Beast
March 23: Cinderella
March 30: Alice in Wonderland

Today, we are celebrating all those cute characters that come alive on the screen. If you just happened to visit me today, I wouldn't want you to miss one chime of the clock and would want you to start with Lisa at.... If you arrived from Barbara then you are on the right spot!!!!

Now, those that know me know that lay-outs are not my forte’ and I cringe just thinking of doing one. Well, I must be possessed as I decided that with 2 granddaughters, I thought I would do a lay-outs for pictures for the girls – this one is for Lily, who just turned one!!! Lisa will be having additional Disney movies with Cinderella next week, thus another couple more pages with Disney Princesses!!!

Dreams Come True Cricut Cartridge
Nana’s Nursery Girls for backgrounds
Mrs, Potts and Chip along with Belle each cut at 4.75-inches
Scraps for the characters along with “tag” or “picture” pieces

I vote that Mrs. Potts be a Disney Princess -- we need a fuller figure to represent some of us that aren't the "tiny petite"!
Look how beautiful Belle is with her long dress and I must tell you she was such a good girl holding still while I used little pearl gems for her earring!!!!
 Belle just looks sew elegant and regal ---- I cheat on the faces as I put a piece of white under the flesh and draw my own eyes and mouths --- shhhhhh don't tell anyone!

Thanks for stopping by today and visiting and checking out my project, I now must send you on your way but watch out for the beast as I send you on to Anita.

There is a great line-up today for the hop and I wouldn't want you to miss a single spot:

Beauty and the Beast Blog Lineup:
God Bless you and Thank you for stopping by:
Hugs, Love, and Pixie Dust


  1. Absolutely beautiful layouts. The wonderful thing about scrappin' is we all do it our own way. Like you, I think I would have to just draw in the eyes as well.

    I love all your layouts and agree we need a more realistic princess.


  2. SO SO SO cute!!! Love it

    Gaby B

  3. AWWWW, look'n at these makes me wanna do LO's. I like

  4. Very prretty layouts, love all the pink!!
    sierrababy08 at hotmail dot com

  5. like all the takes on this one movie!


  6. Lynne, your pages are awesome and I am sure that the pictures of Lily will make them even more divine! Yes, I agree Mrs. Potts s/b a princess! What happens to all of those princesses when they hit 50? I am sure it is just like all of those cheerleaders from HS who grow up and have children. They are no longer a size 4. Good idea! tfs Tami

    Tambos Creations!

  7. So pretty!! Love the paper you chose! Christina

  8. This layouts are gorgeous Lynne - I think layouts have become your forte after all :) I agree with Mrs. Potts becoming a princess - she truly is one in my mind. And as for cheating with the faces - been there done that! Some of those pieces are so tiny from the cricut that it is impossible, at least for me, to use them. I usually lose them and end up recutting them - so I finally gave up and did what you did :) Great minds think alike! Love the pearl earrings! Can't wait to see what you do with Cinderella :)

  9. Very pretty layout, Lynne. I have a challenge on my blog to send a Disney Layout to Crops of Luv. This would be a perfect entry. Great job!

  10. Great job Lynne....I love it!!!TFS

  11. Love your layouts and thanks for the sharing of maxwell and me on your blog. You should do more layouts, you are getting talented at them. TFS and joining me in this hop. Also thanks for being such a great friend.

  12. Beautiful layouts. I love the paper. It is perfect for the layouts.
    Barbara B.

  13. Very sweet layouts and great faces you drew.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com


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