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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Oh, the DRAMA of it All - Let there be DANCE!

Good morning and Blessed Sunday and Happy Father’s Day!!!!

Yesterday was the graduation party and needless to say, I’m beat but none-the-less, I’m having Father’s Day dinner here for my husband that his children may come over for dinner! I didn’t have all the pages I had intended to make for Kristin’s scrapbook, but will make the additional pages later this month as for now. But, these two pages that I hadn’t shown you were in her book!!!,

Kristin had taken dance classes since she was knee-high to a grasshopper the same dance studio that my daughter, Jen, had taken her lessons. What can I say but “tradition”! Also, Kristin was involved in Drama with South Park High School for all of her years attending. I had seen her in her last performance and “Li’l Abner” this past spring. Some of her other performances were Annie, Alice in Wonderland, Dracula, and Grease to name a few.

For the dance lay-out, I found the kewlest paper – the stage with a red curtain – now, how kewl is that let alone it was on clearance!!! A scrapper’s favorite words next to sale of course! I cut out three (3) dancers from Shall We Dance Cricut Cartridge and love the swirl inset that makes the dancers look like they’re moving. I layered them in red with an ivory slightly off center, again, to give the feeling of motion. Mats were then added to the bottom for her to place her pictures with again having the red with the ivory off-set. I added for interest my eyelet corner punch and a blingie in the corner. (How’s that for technical terminology!)

For the next page lay-out, again, I found on the clearance table another kewl paper with the comedy/tragedy masks in the bottom corner. To this I added the masks in blue and white (South Park’s colors) in the upper right corner. Did I ever mention that for their banquet last year and this year, I had made the invitations?? Hmmmm, guess not. Well, I had with 100 last year and 75 this year! Well, excuse my ramblings, but I wanted to let you know that the masks on her lay-out are the same that I had used for the invitations! Mats again were added for her pictures with this goldish tone to match the background with blue ribbons to match South Park’s school colors.

Since, I mentioned the invitations, thought I would show you what they looked like for "bragging rights" LOL!!!

Happy Father’s Day to the many Father’s and blessings with love to my daddy whom I lost last year!

Now, for a coming attraction from our sponsor, me that is! Tomorrow, I am hosting a hop titled “Daddy’s Little Princess” 

with a phenomenal line-up AND did I mention blog candy??? Hmmmmm – guess not, but there will be and this will be a cross that I make using my embroidery machine with the winner’s choice of color! The one that is pictured is a dark purple! Oh, by the way, if you think the little adorable girl, I might add, looks familiar, its me and my daddy!

 God Bless and thank you for stopping by
Hugs, Love, and Pixie Dust


  1. Hi Sweetie. I thought I better stop over and say HI and let you know that I do check out your blog. I love your layouts. I'm sure your granddaughter loved them too. You are one talented lady. Hugs. Jearise

  2. Your layouts for Kristin are beautiful! I love the Shall we dance one the best. It is lovely. Great job as always. Thanks for sharing. Edwina Brown


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