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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kari's Purplies Design Team First Project

This is my first Design Team Project for Kari’s Purplies and you can find the complete Design Team projects at http://purplefuntastickcreations.blogspot.com/Her instructions were simple – work outside our comfort zone. Now, that leaves a lot of room for design and creativity and believe it or not, it wasn’t an easy project to even determine what project to make!

Now, all little girls love paper dolls and I’m no exception to the rule! I also love the antics of doll making with eleanor peace bailey. I have a delightful pattern of her’s which is called  Exploring the Flat Doll and the Playful Use of the Figure and used this as my inspiration.

The doll that I used is Whisper – “what with marching bands, flying socks, and fairies demanding them, things reached a fever pitch and that is how Whisper came to be. She was shy at first flight although as she became
familiar with her surroundings she would giggle behind her hand. The kind of private giggle which made one feel that whatever it was you weren't a part of the loop. This could make one feel uneasy if one were inclined to be self conscious, as if the joke might be on you. Of course if you'd gotten past all that and realized you were not the center of the universe, you knew that Whisper's world was her own and the joke was between she and herself and didn't include you at all. However you looked at it the garden was a bit quieter with her in it.”

As you can see, Whisper was purrrfect for me as I am always laughing and with my “warped” sense of humor, I’m usually the only one laughing!!!

For Whisper, I printed her on cardstock and coloring her with my Prism colored pencils. She is fully jointed with brads and just had to put a purple butterfly brad on her one shoulder. Her hair is Confetti yarn that I had wrapped around a pencil, got the yarn wet, and then cooked in the microwave for about 55 seconds. I let it dry the balance of the time – springy curls! Her dress is a purple lame’ which was just hanging around my house and it just screamed that it belonged to Whisper. Her clothing was hot-glued along with her iridescent tulle wings. To finish adding bling and pizzazz, I added a little flower gem on her one check and a chandelier bling on her dress. Of course, she needed a ankle bracelet to be “styling” while flying around.  She measures approximately 15-inches tall without making her dance and fly. To complete, I punctured her head – no harm was done and she was ok through the whole procedure and not a single peep or whisper outta her – and added some fishing line to let her hang in my kitchen window!!!! Doesn’t she scream that she has major attitude!!!! My kinda fairy!!! Some of her friends will be added later to keep her company!!!!

Hope you enjoyed my very first project for Kari’s Purplies Design Team and hopefully not my last!!! Take some time and check out my fantastically creative team mates and see what creations they have made:

Carolyn Phillips ~ http://messmuddleandfun.blogspot.com/

Stop by and see what comes from my crafting fantasies next!!!! Don’t forget to leave some bloggie love and comments as I would love to know what you think!!!!!

Hugs, Love, and Pixie Dust

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  1. OMG ! Lynne!!! You have set the bar VERY VERY high for this event! LOVE LOVE LOVE Whisper! She really is an amusing imp!


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