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Thursday, October 24, 2013

BOOOOO!!!!! Oh Sheet, Its a Ghost Blog Hop!

Boo! Oh didn't mean to scare you but just wanted to have some fun and so do these incredible crafters who have made things that involve ghosts. I hope you will join us today and hop along to see what each person made.

Our hostess is Jearise from Lorby's World and her blog is the place to start at http://lorbysworld.blogspot.com . She will be having a give away so make sure to start there and see what she has to offer and learn how to get a chance to win.

Our sponsor for this hop is Jessica from SVG Attic (http://svgattic.blogspot.com/p/store) so you have got to stop by her blog to see what she has up her sleeve. I'm sure you will gasp with delight!

Here are my ghostly creations for this hop...

First is a super easy and quick project - on Create with TLC, she has a super cute little candy wrapper to use either with little sandwich bags or the super cute little treat bags that are sold at Miriam's Crafting Supplies - these are 1 x 10 inches and all you need to add is the Ghost Poop, a pencil, M&M's, Skittles. Just let me add at this point that my hands are killing me along with my back and shoulder and I couldn't fill the bag with the marshmallows and may resort to M&M's or white chocolate chips

Next is another super quick and easy project!!!! The Cuddly ghost I used is from SVG cuts which is a freebie
 but I welded the two of them to have it fold over.

. . . . and this is what the final project looks like with a partially filled cellophane bag from Miriam's Crafting Supplies - ok, I confess, its the same bag from the previous picture ...... but shhhhh don't tell anyone!!!

Also, Create With TLC has had several different styles of ghostly Halloween "soup" can covers as freebies. Here is the Halloween Ghost Grub which is going around a vanilla go-gurt for Lily in her treat bag . . . 

NOW, as my final project, I saw this on the internet and the hardest part is removing the labels from the gallon plastic containers but the end result is phenomenal!!! These are on my front porch and it can vary as to the color of the lights that you use

  • 3 - one gallon plastic containers - these are from the Distilled Water for our Sleep Apnea Machines with the labels removed
  • ghostly or pumpkin faces which were cut using black vinyl and my trusty Cricut and Make the Cut 

  • holes were cut in the back thanks to Bob with his drill to make a 2-inch hole in the back
  • 35 strand of orange lights distributed between the 3 - one gallon containers (purple or green can be used also!!!)
  • and VIOLA . . . . my ghostly trio sitting on our front porch!!!

Thanks for floating in today to see what spooktacular creation I did!!! I'm the last stop for the hop today and I appreciate you stopping by and of course leaving your comments no matter how scary they are!!!

Here is the complete line up just in case the ghost busters are busy:
Jessica from SVG Attic ~ http://svgattic.blogspot.com/

God Bless you and thanks for stopping and visiting today. Please leave a comment as to your thoughts and you could be the lucky winner of some ghost poop!!!! You just need to let me know how many little goblins in your household and I can send my Cuddly Ghost with some Ghost Poop!!! 

Hugs, Love, and Friendship


  1. LUV your jugolanterns! That is toooo cute! All ghostly things are hauntingly great! LOLOLOL

  2. What awesome creations, Lynne, love those Porch Lights, great fun idea xxx

  3. Stunning collection! I must do the pumpkin jugs - what a clever (and easy) idea! I actually think I could still get those done before Halloween - better get my hubby to eating a lot of cereal though so I can get some jugs!

  4. Love all your projects! Great way to recycle those milk jugs.


  5. OHHHH I love all of your creations and you have given me some great ideas. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us.

    Kimberly Colson

  6. I love your projects, I'm gonna have to try out the bottled ghost and pumpkins, Their adorable

  7. All of your projects are wonderful! I love your milk jug idea...I may have to do that yet this year!

  8. Wow! You were busy. I love your projects. Especially the jack-o-lantern/ ghost milk jugs. I also love that cute SGV ghost. Thanks for sharing. Edwina Brown

  9. Wow what awesome projects!!! I will have to get some of those bags!! :)

  10. Loved all your ideas. The ghost and marshmallow my favorite. thanks for sharing

  11. OMG Lynne you were super busy I love every one of your projects the bottle ghosts are to die for and the "soup can file is great I love TLC stuff!!
    As always you create awesome items
    Big Blog Hugs My Friend, Janet

  12. These are awesome! So many cool projects. Love them.

  13. Super Awesome projects! your creativity amazes me every time you post!


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