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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Welcome Baby Adam

August 12, 2013, Jenny gave me a beautiful grandson, Adam Michael. At the time, I had been in and out of the hospital due to back issues and didn't get the quilt quite done in time for his arrival but with laying in bed and taking it easy, I was able to finish my gift of love . . . .

  • Adam's room is done in nautical and of course Grandma had to create a nautical quilt
  • as I've said time and time again - cutting with my Cricut is ever sew similar to quilting --- as my 2nd husband used to say, "cutting big pieces into little pieces and then sewing into big pieces again!!!"
  • pattern is an adaptation of a Debbie Mumm with paper-pieced lighthouse and ship with cookie cutter appliqued anchor and ship's wheel
  • then the creative juices started to flow and that is the only similarity - I had rope fabric which I used as part of my background and also cut out his name using the rope fabric
  • there is a whale mirror on his one wall which I incorporated in the quilt where "Adam's" name is spouting out
  • my friend Rosie then gave a marvelous idea where I used nautical flags spelling out his name along the top of the quilt - 
  • "A" - Alpha, I have a diver down, keep well clear at slow speed. 
  • "D" - Delta, I am maneuvering with difficulty, steer clear
  • "M" - Mike, my vessel is stopped, making no way; mark missing (sailing regatta) 
  • now, what makes the "M" even more interesting . . . . not only does it stand for Mike but Adam's middle name is Michael
  • quilt is machine-quilted with a variegated thread and tiny baby fishes on red background for the back of my quilt
  • and no quilt is complete without of course, a label - "Made with Love by Grandma"
  • and of course, the proud Grandma holding her new grandson . . .

Stay-tuned for more projects made for Adam and of course more pictures of the cutest grandchildren on earth!!!!

God Bless and Thanks for stopping by today. I appreciate and love reading your comments . . is your comment the next one I read???

Much love, hugs, and friendship


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