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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Scratch-Off Valentine Card

Well, boys and girls, during a search on the internet, I found a kewl way to make a Valentine for my special Valentine - a "scratch" off card!!!!!!!

  • found the idea and template here which is only available by invite now but through various searches I found a few other places to get the template such as here - here is what I used: 
  • once you decide on a template or card, you need to put what you are "offering" as your gift for your loved one or kids to scratch off in blue ink 
  • once you write your gifts onto your hearts, grab that white crayon that is in your crayon box that is rarely ever ever used and color over your writing until covered 
  • here is where you grab some acrylic paint where you dab the paint over the white crayon until completely colored and filled in - 
  • now, put  your scratch off ticket in an envelope with a card - I also gave a "lucky" quarter to be used for the scratch off and let the recipient scratch off to see what their prize is - well, Bob scratched them all off!!! 
How's that for a unique gift for that special someone in your life!!!!

I appreciate and love reading your comments . . is your comment the next one I read??? 

Much love, hugs, and friendship


  1. Oh WOW! How cool and creative! Gonna have to try this. xxD


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