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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Friendship at Anything But a Card Challenge

It's a new month which means it's a new challenge at Anything But a Card. This month's challenge theme is "Friendship".

Some of you may know, my first love is quilting. BUT, did you know quilters were some of the very first to use quilts as a journaling media to commemorate the birth of a child, a wedding, and friendship. As a quilter, many times there is such a vehicle as a friendship quilt, where people either make or make and sign a square with not only their signature but a date along with some sort of a memory! 

Today is my friendship quilt is something I would love to share with you. Now, granted this is a work in progress as I still need and would like a few squares.

This is the block I have chosen with the finished block size measuring 7.5 inches.

the grey areas are to be a black and white print with the lighter area white and the very center is the signature square. This is a paper-pieced square which is quite easy to make and gives off a twisted ribbon effect when combined with other squares.

this particular square is from a wonderfully talented friend, Janet Smith, who not only is a quilter but an amazing paper-crafter

Now, most people want a digital camera to take pictures of their loved ones - the reason why I wanted my first digital camera was to take pictures of my quilts as I was laying them out as I would be able to actually see what the quilts would look like, have documentation while I was actually putting the blocks together along with as step-by step process. I first auditioned some cat squares that I have that were made with my embroidery machine - I liked how it looked but it wasn't what I had wanted

AND I would still need 2 more cat squares. WELL, my dear friend, Kimberly Pate, knows how much I love paisley and had sent a beautiful black, red, grey, and one piece to me which when I cut into 7.5 inch squares it made the quilt quite happy (my eyes not as much when sewing) but I believe is the purrfect compliment:

I'm in the process of sewing these together and hoping I get a few more - do you know how to sew and would like to be part of my memory?????? I would be more than happy to send you a pattern!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

This is also going to be part of my New Year's Resolution because if you remember, it was to finish projects - some of these squares have been sitting here since 2005 and they need and want to be made into a finished project!!!!

This will be a work in progress needless to say with me posting future pictures showing my progress. 

NOW, don't forget to enter your "Friendship" interpretation in Anything But a Card as long as it is "anything but a card"!!!! I can't wait to see your projects!!!!

I appreciate and love reading your comments . . is your comment the next one I read??? 

Much love, hugs, and friendship

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  1. This is gorgeous and such a wonderful idea! My sister quilts, but you would not want a block created by me-that crafty gene managed to skip me!


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