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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hug Your Cat Blog Hop

Are you a crazy cat lady, but in a good way? I know I am. Today is Purina’s Hug Your Cat Day. There are several Hug Your Cat Days and I would love to hug my cat(s) on each and everyone. Today we are celebrating cats! Diamonds and dogs’ pfffft. Cats are a woman’s best friend.

I have had three (3) Maine Coons which I love dearly that particular breed of cat but only currently have one living with me. Sir Randy was the largest of the 3 weighing in at 35 pounds. Unfortunately, Sir Randy has passed at the age of 18 years.

When my daughter moved out in early 2000, she bought me Patches, another Maine Coon, aka Patchwork, to keep "the old lady" company as she sew eloquently phrased it. Patches is my baby and even has her very own quilt that I monogrammed when I made it!!!

Patches is a tiny Maine Coon and only weighs in at 18 pounds. Patches favorite hobby is cuddling and sitting on my lap. She does come when she is called and when you tell her night night time, she runs upstairs to crawl into bed with me!!!

Callie, aka Calico, I got in 2007, is currently living with my ex-husband keeping another cat company. Callie weighs in at a hefty 28 pounds and is very docile and her favorite hobby is catching bugs, playing fetch, begging like a dog, and eating thread as I am sewing especially the serger thread. . 

Today we are celebrating with all kinds of cat projects.
So sit back, pet your cat, and let’s hang out.

For my project today, I want to share a few of my cat quilts, two of which won ribbons at a quilt shows.

Cartoon quilt of the cat who sat outside in the sun, saw a cute little birdie on his tail, cat ate the bird and then was thirsty and drank the lemonade which I call "Lemonade Cat"

Mamma said there would be days like this . . . .

Give away alert…
Jessi is going to give away a bundle of each of the brand-new twine that are available in her etsy shop.  rainbow teal and the blossom iridescent.

In case you get lost along the way just follow the trail of kitty liter OR the complete line up:
Jearise http://lorbysworld.blogspot.com 

Now, for a bit of trivia and to see who reads all of my wonderful information - - - I have some blog candy for one very special winner who can answer who my favorite graphic artist that inspires me . . . now for the hint. I absolutely love the work of Laurel Burch who has passed. She has wonderful cats with a bit of whimsy. Here are two of her posters which I am fortunate to have in my collection along with her dishes, earring, ok, you get the picture of my love for her work.

. . . and did I mention she has a fabric line of cats of which I think I own each and every piece???? Guess not. Well,here is one of the quilts I made using her fabrics which I call Tribal Cats and it is a ribbon winner also from a quilt show! It is a stack'n whack where this is one piece of fabric with no quilt squares the same set in a star on point!

Your next stop along the kitty trail is the talented Mayra

God Bless you and thank you ever sew much for stopping by today! I love reading comments and would love to read yours . . . .
don't forget to comment as to who my favorite graphic artist for your chance of some blog candy from me.

Much love, hugs, and friendship


  1. Laurel Burch is your fave graphic artist.

    I enjoyed reading your blog entry! Your Maine Coons are gorgeous. ( I am sorry that Sir Randy is no longer with you.)

    You make FANTASTIC Quilts! It takes talent and dedication to make a quilt...which you have!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Well! Your cats are gorgeous! I had a calico named Callie too! Love her coloring! And you quilts are amazing!! Your favorite artist is Laurel Burch and I can surely see why!
    Great hopping with you and new follower too!
    Scrappy hugs, Connie

  3. The answer to your question is Laurel Burch. Your projects and cats are adorable!

  4. Your feline family is precious~sorry to hear that Sir Randy has crossed the Rainbow Bridge

    Your quilts are fabulous!!!

    Taking the hint~ I would have to say that your favorite graphic artist is Laurel Burch

  5. your kitties are so adorable! I love big fluffy kitties Beautiful quilts.
    thanks for being a crazy cat lady with me!

  6. Absolutely love Maine Coons! Such beautiful animals and so snuggly and chatty. Gorgeous pics.

  7. Great photographs of your cats, They look fabulous.

    Linda xxx

  8. I just love you kitties and quilts. Those cats are big, even the email one. If I lived closer, I would have you teach Me how to make quilts. Happy mother's day. Laurel Burch. See I did read it all today.

  9. I wish I knew the answer to your trivia question, but Im going too look for your answer that's for sure! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your quilt! Thank you for sharing!

  10. I would love to give your cats a cuddle they look gorgeous.
    Also your patchworks creations are stunning.

  11. I enjoyed the pictures of your beautiful cats as much as I love your beautiful quilts! You are very talented...just like your favorite graphic designer Laurel Burch!

  12. I LOVE your cats!!! Your projects are cute too!
    Cut One Designs by Robin

  13. Adorable kitty. Seems so ok with everything you did. LOL. Your projects are all so cute.

  14. Such cute kitties! Love your quilts.


  15. I have learned that there is more power in a good strong hug than in a thousand meaningful words. See the link below for more info.



  16. I love this post, and I was absolutely thrilled to see the other links that you published that go along with this topic. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am happy to be a new follower. :)



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