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Friday, May 17, 2013

Tutorial Friday for Miriam's Crafting Supplies - Decorative Butterfly Stick Pin

Welcome to Miriam’s Crafting Supplies Tutorial Thursday and today’s project is going to be a butterfly stickpin using the following supplies:

3-inches black wire folded in half (antennae)
9-inches ribbon
jewelry or hot glue

  • fold 4-inch black wire in half with tops rolled to form antennae – found this is easier using jewelry pliers  

  • glue 2 - black pearls for the antennae with hot glue gun with 2 - pearls per side, back-to-back 

  • wrap wire around the crystal-head stick pin and trim as necessary
  • slide butterfly acrylic bead up to the pin head and add a dab of glue to hold in place  

  • place jump ring onto Painted Yellow Center Sunflower charm and slide next to Bicone bead adding a dab of glue to hold in place  

  • Add 2 of the Bicone beads and secure by adding dabs of glue before sliding in place  

  • accordion fold ribbon onto stick pin with a dab of glue holding into place  

  • place a dab of glue before adding final remaining Bicone bead 

  • Viola, you now have a stick pin to add to your crafting project. 
Now, to answer your questions on how to add a stick pin to your projects:
  • I add these to my cards is either by placing on my paper-piecing or digital with putting a piece of tape to hold in place then gluing onto my card or lay-out. 
  • My other option is my adding a flower to my project with a puff dot, a bit of glue on my stick pin and sliding through the puff dot which the stick pin is then held into place with no sharp points!!!
 God Bless you and thank you ever sew much for stopping by today! I love reading comments and would love to read yours . . . .
Much love, hugs, and friendship

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  1. Great tutorial Lynne, love stick pins and this one is stunning!!!

    Linda xxx


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