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Tuesday, September 23, 2014


How bout a super easy project that makes a great decoration or a gift today????? I got your attention hey?? Well, here are the necessary supplies:


  • Create with TLC image, I used Create with TLC Join Me For a Bite Vintage Image Transfer or any image that looks like a label
  • coffee filter as it takes care of the messy part and makes easy clean-up
  • Mod Podge and a paint brush
  • Twinklets Diamond Dust
  • I used a 3-inch candle which I purchased at the Dollar Tree
  • ribbon, I used Darice Purple Satin Edged Organza
READY - SET - GO Directions:

  • take label off of candle jar and/or price tag
  • cut out Create with TLC label and chalk around the edges
  • put a thin coat of Mod Podge around the bottom half of the candle jar and adhere label
  • put a thin coat of Mod Podge on top of the label
  • here's the tricky part now, put a small amount of the Diamond Dust in the coffee filter and roll the candle jar in the Diamond Dust applying some pressure and let dry
  • pour the Diamond Dust from the coffee filter back in the jar for easy clean-up!!!!

When lit, this candle is going to give off a nice glow maybe even eerie!!! I told you it was easy . . . . .

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