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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Shout out to Freedom Health

As many of you may know I have been recovering from an incident in July where I couldn't move or walk and then in September when I had back surgery. Health issues have been on-going for sometime with my fibro and herniated discs in my neck and back when everything came to a head in July. Well, I have been very fortunate and blessed to have these super people from Freedom Health Care that are not only Christians but wonderful ladies that I am pleased and blessed to know and consider friends. 

I want to share a few of these ladies with you. Phyllis is one of my visiting nurses. She is a loving, caring, individual and is concerned with not only my health as when my blood pressure soared to new heights, 177/118, but also to my present home life. In the summer when it got sew hot, she had offered to get me a window air conditioner. With my past experiences of nurses, they show they care, but they don't go to extreme as Phyllis does.

Laurie is my Occupational Therapist. She always has a smile on her face. She is a loving proud mother of 2 beautiful children and a wonderful husband. We talked and became friends while she helped me learn to get in and out of the car, walk with a walker, walk up and down the stairs using the railings, be safe in the kitchen that I could cook, and take a shower on my transfer bench. She went out of her way to see that I could get this transfer bench to stay safe and still shower! I know you are all happy to hear that I can shower and thank goodness this isn't scent blogger!!! She made exercise fun as we nicknamed my different exercises one of which became snow angels. For weights we used 2 flashlights and she laughed saying it looked like I was directing traffic on a runway for airplanes!

Another one of these is Lauren, who is my PT. Lauren is not directly related to Freedom Health but was contracted through another agency. Lauren has recently returned from a mission trip to Honduras. She helps to care for a friend of hers with MS and now her friend has been diagnosed with possible brain cancer. On her return from Honduras, Lauren's cat became an escape artist. I only tell you this of Lauren as not only she do all of this BUT,  Lauren is also a crafter and makes beautiful cards using her Cricut. She has shared some of her creations with me and I want to share at this time one of them with you. This is a birthday card she created for a friend of hers. I hope you enjoy this card as much as I have. I can share all the comments with Lauren when she comes for her next PT visit with me if you wish to comment.

I know I have rambled long enuf but I needed and wanted to share this positive team that I have had since July that have helped with getting me on the mend! Now, for Lauren's card pictures for your delight!

I hope you enjoyed Lauren's card. Lauren doesn't have a blog but she has talent. She recently made a wedding card before her Honduras trip and I will share that card with you another time.

Thank you for your patience for hearing me out on this long rambling!!! I thank each of you for following me and giving me your bloggie love!

God bless each of you for your part in my recovery
Hugs and Love


  1. CUte, cute card! I love the patterned papers and the colors but I really like it being personalized on the front..


  2. What an adorable, adorable card!!!

    Oh my friend, I can really sympathize with you!!! I have had back surgery too, and 6 years ago I had to go through therapy to learn how to work again too. I still have some problems but I don't let me get me down. They want to do more surgery but I'm still walking, jumping for joy (not too high...lol!!!) and constantly working at not letting it get the best of me just yet!!! LOL!!!

    It took a long time with the therapy to get back to "almost normal" but you sound like you have a great nurse and a great PT. I'll keep you in my prayers because I've been there!

  3. What a lovely card!! :) love the colors and you are in good hands my friend and sister! take care and do what you are told...hehe...love ya! :)


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