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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Quilter's Weekend Retreat This Weekend!!!

One of my first passions was quilting - but after shattering my left arm in 2007 and having limited use of that hand due to the tendons having been replaced as they had shattered also - I have not been able to do the quilting that I would love to be doing!!! But, on the other hand, I have found another passion which is "scrapping" as there are many similarities as quilting especially with all the little pieces which sometimes, let me tell you they do drive me up a wall!!!!!

Well, with that all being said, last year as the retreat had changed locations and we couldn't pick off the menu and only had three (3) dinner choices to make things easier, this crazy crafter made little "critters" to give to everyone to lay on the table to make it easier for the waitresses to get our foods correct. Last year, I had gone and did quite normal little "critters". With 30 plus women with three (3) dinner choices which have to be made at the beginning of this month, Gayle (aka quilting buddy) and I have found with previous years, they forget what they had ordered even from the menu when they see someone else's food!! Thus the little "critters" to avoid confusion!!! This year, since I can't go due to recent surgery and Doc said "NO!" <tearful sigh> and you're stuck with me for the weekend UNLESS, I can convince Jerry road trip to at least visit on Saturday! I went a little crazy shall we say with the "critters" and thought I would share with you!

Before, I continue I must inform you this may be one of my few projects that A Child's Year was not used!!! <grin> Surprise of all surprises!!!

The menu is fabulous to say the least --- first meal choice is a Pasta with shrimp and lobster bits. I used the Cricut Cartridge From My Kitchen cut at 2.75 inches and really didn't go crazy. Oh, did I mention that while I was doing the majority of this Susan Bermudez and I were on video chat which could have led to part of my craziness or me just wishing I was going! The jury is still out on that one! I'm not blaming Susan, far be it for me to do that as she is a sweetheart! But, you get two crafting by video chat with her embossing and me just "crazy" . . . The pasta is a pink polka dot left from my piggies!

The next meal choice is a Pork Chop which they stuff with apples which is to die for as I had that last year --- Can you say Pink Polka Dot Piggies three (3) times fast. These were also cut using my Cricut Cartridge From My Kitchen cut at 1.75 inches.

Now, by this time after just recovering from the flu and as you know I have this warped sense of humor. The last meal choice is a Chicken breast which is stuffed with an apricot stuffing which is also to die for as my quilting buddy and I pick a different meal and share as this way we get to try all three (3) during the weekend!! My cute little chicken were cut using my Cricut Cartridge 3 Birds on Parade and I call my little chickies "Chick-Cog-Neato!!!! Now, I must tell you that these little chickies have a mind of their own - I cut out 28 and lost 2 of them and somehow now have 29! (I'm not asking) and there are three (3) little chickie feet hiding somewhere in the vast space of the unknown which I probably will find on Sunday! These chickies have flown the coop!

I guess I settled down some and was working on a RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) and was finishing up and thought with the little paper packet I had created of fall papers needed a finishing touch after I put a little "belly band" around it. The one paper as you can see is a delightful paisley which automatically brought out my Cricut Cartridge Cindy Loo and cut a paisley from there at 2.25 inches and added a little gold rhinestone for a little bling bling! Now, I didn't know if my "partner" would want to use the paisley, sew, I just fastened it by rolling my tape and it can be removed - hope you enjoy Debi .....

Well, here's to a great crafting time!!! Hope you enjoy my little cuts that I played with. This is the first I had been crafting for a few days as that nasty flu bug knocked me on my "butt" but, I'm back . . .

God Bless 
Hugs and Love,

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! We have way too much and who wants boring pasta, pork or Chickens. I love your sense of humor and can't wait to video chat again. Love the PAISLEY!!!!

    Happy Scrappin'

    Sue B


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