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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WOO HOO - I was awarded the Versatile Blogger Award

I was awarded  The Versatile Blogger Award by Barb. I would like to thank Barb so much for the award. I hope everyone stops by her blog and checks out her projects! She is truly an awesome inspiration. So, please stop by and tell I sent you. 

There are 3 rules to follow…
1. Thank the person who awarded you.
2. Tell 7 things about yourself that your readers may not know.
3. Award 7 other bloggers with this award.

Again, thank you to Barb for giving me my this blog award. 
I would like to give the Versatile Blogger Award to following wonderful ladies. 

Susan - http://susanascorner.blogspot.com/

Please stop by these wonderful ladies’ blogs and show them some love.  And please, please don’t forget to check out Barb's blog.  Thanks again Barb!  

7 things about Me:
  • I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA but I am not a sports fan even with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Pittsburgh Penguins in town!
  • My Dad was in the air corp when I was born and was stationed in TX and HI but I was left with my grandparents and my aunt who was still living at home. I loved living with my Grandparents - it was a quiet simple life and I have wonderful fond memories. I learned my values along with my love of God from them
  • I've been married 3 times. The most wonderful thing that I got from my first marriage is my daughter, Jennifer. Who is not only the love of my life but my hero! She graduated from Duquesne University with her Master's Degree in Pharmacy. She married 3 years ago and in March of this year became the mother, which makes me Grandma, to the most beautiful baby girl you would ever see, Lily.
  • My second marriage was to Bob, a wonderful talented man who was 22 years my senior. We had a great life and I had someone who cherised me. We had a lot of common interests including dancing, camping, trying new foods and recipes. He played the organ, piano, guitar, and trumpet and had a great voice. He would play our favorite songs in the evening. We were thrilled when I became pregnant. When our beautiful daughter, was born she had a grand mal seizure and a stroke. The doctors gave her 3 to 6 months but we were blessed as we had Amalia (named after my grandmother) for 25 months. I have a precious angel to watch over me along with my grandparents. The death of a child can be a couple together or cause friction. For Bob and I, it was friction and we were divorced.
  • I married 3 years ago to Jerry and am blessed with our blended family. Jerry has 2 beautiful daughters and 1 son. Now to add to the mix - his son Jerry, has 2 children (Ashley, age 1, and Jerry III, age 3), his daughter Barbara, who we affectionately call Cissy, has a beautiful daughter (Sasha, age 6) who I watch during the week; and his youngest daughter Jean has 2 boys (Zack, age 6, and Nick, just turned 5) . I am blessed with the blended family.
  • I am not a very confident person. To overshadow this, I act the act of a clown. I feel I have beaten down time and time again and find it hard to believe in myself with coming from abusive and demeaning relationships.
  • I love to cook!! I got this love of cooking from my grandmother and my aunt. They both were phenomenal cook! I've learned different foods and cooking techniques from my experiences in life! I used to decorate cakes for holidays and birthdays also but now have turned over the pastry tube to Jean as after I shattered my left arm as it is difficult to do a lot of things such as cake decorating.
Well, that is a little about me. Please stop by Barb's blog and the seven (7) ladies I have passed this award to!!!! And, thank you Barb again for this award!

God Bless 
Hugs and Love,


  1. Thank you so much for thinking of me for this award. I will post it as soon as I am able. You are such a sweetheart.
    I would be honored if you came to see my blog here

  2. Oh dear sista! congrats and thanks so much for the award will do as soon as i can too! :) love ya and you are a loving and dynamite person and let no one tell you any different! :)

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