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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Creative Kuts Take a Step

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I am sew excited to be showcasing as my Creative Kuts Design Team Project for this week's Take A Step project.

I can not emphasize it enuf as to early detection with a mammogram and I guess, I'm on my own personal crusade or "soap box" to please if you are 40 or over to get a yearly mammogram. Also, remind your friends, family, and loved ones the importance!

I made this card to mail to friends as my reminder and Creative Kuts has the means with the cutting files which are purrrrfect and easy to make to complete my reminder card. Look how adorable the bear is with her sweat suit which was cut from a rose print scrap paper and with her headband bow on top of her head not to mention the pink glittered tennis shoes! She definitely looks like she's taking the first step right off my card! My only additions was the word "mammograms" which I used the Victorian Let in the Make the Cut. I had added that adorable pink and white dot for teddy's shoes along with the ribbons on the heart balloons. I added the breast cancer awareness brad on the upper left corner. My paper is an adorable black, grey, and white stripe which was $.10 per sheet which I had purchased at Pat Catan's! Guess you'll be seeing this paper here a lot more needless to say! One other thing I do need to add, would you believe I am not a fan of the color pink and here I am displaying projects using the color "pink" ..... will wonders never cease!

On the inside, I used my printer to make an outline of the breast cancer awareness ribbon clipart and shaded and colored with my coloring pencils!!! I always loved to color and now have a good reason to not to mention it is relaxing! I added the message "a friendly reminder to schedule your mammogram - early detection saves lives!"

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!
God Bless
Love and Hugs

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  1. Great card Lynne....I love it and thanks for reminding everyone how important it is to get a mammogram. Bonnie


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