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Friday, November 25, 2011

Its Turkey Time!!!

Happy day after Thanksgiving - Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! Are tummies all filled with turkey? Well, here's the story of one turkey that got away . . .

This little fellow hid behind the clutter in my craft room over in that dense little corner - I'm sure you can relate to which corner I'm talking about!!! It's that one where the scrap paper slips off to along with those scissors someone has misplaced, or that hole punch that you just have to have to finish that project!! But he's safe to tell his story and is just hanging around my place!!!! Let's call him Chester Turkey to protect the innocent!

Chester was cut using the Create a Critter first being cut from a cereal box using the shadow. Of course the cereal already has been eaten!! I love to recycle cereal boxes for projects that need that extra stability which of course Chester does to be able to stand tall!!!! Chester is cut at 10.25 inches, the largest that could be cut from a 12 x 12 size of paper! I then cut another shadow using the black and glued the two together using my glue ride and setting it aside for future piecing. The balance of Chester is cut using scraps from my scrap boxes and a piece of ribbon that says hay ride put through my Xyron along with is beak and gobbler. The dark brown paper is a brown satin from Pat Catan's that had gone on clearance over the summer. Googly eyes just add to his whimsy and I wanted something else to finish him and added buttons to his tail feathers using my black Stickles to put them on!!! For hanging, I using my smallest hole punch, no the other is still missing, and punched a whole on either side and inserted the wire that I had curled on a pencil and just added an additional curl after strung through.

Chester is sew thrilled that he escaped the inevitable and that he lived to tell his story but most important that he will be around for years to come to relive his story year after year with I'm sure embellishing the story just a mite!!!!

Thank you ever sew much for stopping by and hearing the story of Chester Turkey!!!! Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving!

God Bless
Hugs and Love,


  1. Lynne, Chester is gorgeous. I am going to have to check out that cart for him. I love the buttons and the wire hangar! I like reusing cereal boxes too, but no one eats cereal in my house anymore. LOL I ruse other boxes. I always use them at Christmas to wrap presents. It is always funny for everyone to open up their gift and say wow I got a box of crackers. LOL Recycle is my middle name. hgs Tami
    Tambos Creations!

  2. I love Chester and I love your sense of humor! Great project my friend.

    Happy Scrappin'

    Sue B

  3. He is just to darned cute, Lynne!! Hope your ThaNKSGIVING WAS GREAT!


  4. I love your Chester turkey and that you named him too. Chester, a very cute name. I may have to go buy me a live turkey so I can name him Chester. : ) Hope your Thanksgiving was blessed.

  5. LOL...too stinkin cute and you are hilarious...that is an awesome hanger of Chester! :) Thanksgiving was great here and hope you had a great one too! :)


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