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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What's a Wow Wow Wubbzy????

WOW!!! When Sasha wanted her birthday party invitations she wanted "Wubbzy". Now, as a grandmother, I had not a clue what a "Wubbzy" was let alone being a grandmother with a Cricut . . . now every grandchild knows that grandma's can do everything with the Cricut!!! WELLLL, I went to the Internet and found what Wubbzy was and used my Make the Cut and traced from a coloring book drawing .... Viola, Sasha, had Wubbzy birthday invitations. 

Polka dots to me screams confetti and party with little Wubbzy holding on to his "its a party sign"! Now, I have to come up with her "Thank you" cards. Wish me luck!!!

I do have to share the phenomenal cake Jean made for the party --- she sure is talented!!!

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Grandma Lynne


  1. Thanks for showing "US GRANDMA'S that we RULE! Well done!
    Have a fun party...Claire

  2. Awesome projects! We are HUGE Wubbzy fans here :)

  3. Wow Lynne, great invites! I did not nor do not know what a Wubbzy is. Shoot, I just found out what an Angry Bird was last month. LOL My 4 yr old grandson just had to have one. I have not heard him talk about Wubbzy yet. I guess I will have to ask. Love the cake too! tfs Tami
    Tambos Creations!

  4. I'm impressed!! I just learned who Wubzy was about a year ago through a friend's son. My kids were more the age of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Barney! Thanks for continuing to keep up the tradition that Grandma's can do it all!!!

    Amy E.

  5. lol....Wubzy is my one of granddaughters favorite cartoon....The project is sooo cute!!!!




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