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Saturday, November 24, 2012

I Double Dog Dare You Generations Blog Hop

Welcome to an inventive, creative group called "I Double Dog Dare You" This group is given a challenge each month to create a project in whatever medium they so desire to express the subject!!! This month, the group has been asked to create this .... It's November, time for all those family gatherings... time for family, time for Thanksgiving .... Time for Generations to be spending time together... Let's see your generations, family gatherings, family tree, --- and have been double-dog dared!!!!

This month, those taking the challenge are:

For my project today, I have yet, another one of my quilts to share with you. This quilt was made for a quilt challenge with given 4 pieces of fabric to create your "masterpiece". My masterpiece was created shortly after my daughter had gotten married and thought what a great idea but to create a "Generation" quilt. The quilt shows in faux picture frames with the pictures actually printed on fabric, my grandfather's parents' wedding picture, my grandparents' wedding picture, my parents' wedding picture and my daughter and her husband's wedding picture. To take this a bit further the pearls are from a broken strand found in my mother's jewelry box, the doily is one that my grandmother had crocheted, the roses were embroidered with my embroidery sewing machine but the leaves were left from the flowers from my daughter's wedding. 

Sorry for the wrinkles, but with life all wrinkles with age - Ok, these wrinkles were from my recent move as this was folded and not rolled and with the photos, I am unable to press it!!!

Your next stop along the Generation gap is Kimberly. We hope you enjoyed our challenge and perhaps, you too would love to be "double dog dared"

God Bless and thank you for stopping by
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  1. This is an awesome quilt I love it A truly wonderful keepsake!! I would love to do this myself someday! Thanks for sharing your talent and your creativity.
    Big Blog Hugs, Janet

  2. Beautiful quilt. You do such beautiful work. I so wish I could sew or even had the guts to try it. I'm scared I'll so crooked so I just don't sew.

  3. OMG...Gorgeous! Can't even imagine starting a project like this...I look at my little cards and think of the work....what a treasure you have made for your family!


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